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Feedback on the home theatre club

"Thank you for your wild, wacky wizardry. It is a wonderful tonic."

Thank you so much to you and Laura and Nathan for giving my daughter (9 yrs) so much fun over these past weeks. She's quite a shy girl normally but it's lovely to see how comfortable and confident she is, larking around with you all. One of the many things I love about your sessions is how you make each and every child feel so valued and special. They are all allowed to shine, like little stars! 

"As you’ll have been able to tell he absolutely loved becoming a detective last week and seeing his best mate at the same time."

I am listening to my daughter (7yrs) tell her teacher online with unbridled rapture what adventures you, Nathan and Laura have taken her on. None of you should underestimate the joy you have brought to children during this isolation and we see how very talented – and patient - you all are. You are...simply marvellous.

From a mother’s point of view, it was great to see my daughter (6yrs) engaged, interested and most of all having fun. I would not put these hours down to “screen time”. She behaved as if she was in a room, sitting in a circle – listening, laughing, moving and focussed.


Thank you so much for all the fun last week. It's such a treat for them. It also provides a very useful threat for me if they don't do as they're told " No Infinite Jesters if you don't..."


"Your drama sessions are quite literally his highlight of lockdown and he is taking it all very seriously!!"


"We are so impressed with the three of you, and so grateful for the joy you've brought our kids. I really want to raise a glass to all of you for pulling off what you've managed to do during lockdown. You're all wonderful and really manage to make our kids feel comfortable even in the weird cyber world of zoom. So, a huge thank you to you, Laura and Nathan!"

"Lockdown has been really difficult on my son (6yrs) as his little brother is too young to be his  playing partner and he’s really lonely. Your sessions have been a real life line over the past couple of weeks. Thank you."


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