infinite jest

Holiday Whodunnit

27 - 30th July

London woke up this morning to the devastating news that its world-famous, most prized possession - The Crown Jewels - have been stolen.  

EVERYONE is a suspect! Including YOU! To the right you'll see just a handful of the people who could have dunnit.

We have a lot of work to do to resolve this crazy mystery. Questions to ask, alibis to sift through, clues to work out, as well as proving our innocence!!

We'd love you to come for the week - there is a themed through line - however these are stand alone sessions, so drop in for how many you like

  • drama fun and games
  • story telling 
  • physical theatre and puppetry
  • problem solving 
  • creating characters
  • drawing and crafting
  • becoming detectives.......and so much more!

Interactive creative learning that's SERIOUSLY GOOD FUN!!

For details on costs, technical requirements and how to register go to the HOME THEATRE CLUB homepage

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