infinite jest

How it works...

Register your child with Henry by email (; receive confirmation of your place; pay the session fee via our PAYPAL account; we'll send you Zoom details the night before...

We'll be using Zoom. You'll need a Zoom account to participate. You can open an account HERE

We'll send you a meeting registration number and passcode the evening before each session. You can join anytime during the session though we'll be sticking strictly to the timings indicated. 

If you can please use a computer, or tab. It's more fun as you'll be able to see all the participants on the screen. Please set the computer up in a safe and secure place and make sure that there's enough light on the face! We don't want to see a silhouette! Once the computer is set up your child will not have to touch it. 

There needs to be enough room for your child to sit at the computer and also to stand up and move around - a bit! Don't worry we won't encourage them to rush around like crazy. 

Our aims

  • to run a fun, active and interactive, session where we engage with your child directly and encourage them to express their creativity. 
  • to teach your child something new so that they have something to take away and practise. 
  • to allow your child to freely communicate their creativity, questions, feedback and ideas 

Dos and don'ts

This is not an exhaustive list and if you have any queries or concerns please email us at as soon as possible and we'll answer them and add to the following: 

  • All of our team have up to date DBS forms.
  • In normal circumstances we would take on responsibility for your child's wellbeing and behaviour. While our aim is to engage them enough to give you a bit of a break, they are very much in your hands.
  • Please can you teach your child how to unmute themselves. And ensure it's on their preferred view setting. 
  • We completely understand that life must go on.....! If it's possible however to conduct your phone calls/conversations away from the computer during the session that would be much appreciated
  • We will not encourage your children to race around and jump about. 
  • We will ask them to do some controlled movement - please let me know asap if you have an issue with this. 
  • We'll refund any payment if the session doesn't go ahead or if it gets discrupted somehow or if you decide to cancel your attendance. Please give us as much notice as possible when cancelling
  • We will have no more than 25 screens during each session. 
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