infinite jest

I thought it was a fantastic rendition of a well-known play. It was immersive, fun, engaging and novel and the adults and children all enjoyed it immensely. There was enough going on that it captivated the imaginations of young and old and everybody could take something from it – the older children would have understood the storyline, whilst the younger children may have just enjoyed the merriment of the show and the inclusion of the puppets. It was a perfect reworking of something that could have been relatively dry and boring.

A mixed crowd of children from Year 2 – Year 6 sat for a prolonged period of time watching in active engagement. I think the show was well-catered for all ages and was able to sustain the interest of its audience members. The children laughed, clapped, engaged and immersed themselves entirely. They kept up with the storyline to the best of their abilities and as much as their ages and understanding would allow and the dancing, singing, acting and puppeteering captivated their attention.

Wendell Park Primary School, London


The audiences were left buzzing and hugely excited about Shakespeare, hopefully setting them up perfectly for looking forward to discovering other plays for GCSE!

The adaptation was wonderfully inventive and highly amusing yet sufficiently faithful to the original text to both illustrate and underline the key themes, summing up and surpassing a whole term's classroom work in just one hour of exuberance and great entertainment!  

St Benedict's Catholic School, Bury St Edmunds


The performance was an excellent introduction to Shakespeare’s plays. I really liked the set design and the way the space was used. The puppets and the adaption of Bottom’s character added an interesting dimension to the story-telling. The actors created captivating and authentic characters; I loved the way that they engaged with the students before the play began and throughout the production.

The balance between the original text and modern language and ideas was very well-judged. The pace was upbeat which kept the students engaged and interested. The music and songs created a change in atmosphere which was expertly timed and seemed to soothe and calm the students. 

It was a real treat to see the students of all abilities engaging with the play. They loved hearing the speeches that we had studied in class being performed on the stage. Since watching the production, I have been able to refer back to the performance to help the students understand the play.

A highlight for me was to see that some of our students who have barriers to learning were mesmerised by the production. 

Northwood School, London

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