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A level/IB

“Thank you so much for helping me with my Shakespeare. I got an A in my exam and I wouldn't have been able to without your brilliant help.”

Jasmine (18), Haberdasher Askes School

For A Level and IB students our workshops are geared towards preparation for coursework and exams. We get the students up on their feet engaging with the work through performance. We use tried and tested drama techniques such as improvisation, forum theatre, role play and hot-seating. We also examine the social, historical and cultural context of his plays.

Our workshops:

  • can be tailored to whatever play you are studying
  • can encompass particular themes, scenes, characters
  • can focus on specific exam or coursework questions
  • build confidence for exams and coursework
  • provide an invaluable opportunity for students to work with professional actors with experience of acting in Shakespeare’s plays

For example... if your students are studying Othello we would facilitate a stop/start approach to a scene performed by the students enabling the students to discuss what they are seeing and alter the performance accordingly. This forensic analysis gets the students thinking about the text in performance and offers an opportunity to suggest their own creative interpretations. “What are the explicit and implicit meanings of this line? How should the actor deal with the linguistic ambiguities and subtleties? What are the resounding images and allusions and how are they effective?” They’ll then get into groups and reinterpret this scene; they become the director, designer and the actors. Scenes will be presented and appraised. This might generate a discussion about the dramatic techniques that Shakespeare uses compared to those of his contemporaries. The students leave the workshop having enjoyed performing Shakespeare in a unique way and will be better equipped to employ their critical skills in their written work.

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