infinite jest

Key Stage 1

“Infinite Jest provided a wonderful series of Shakespeare workshops for the Civitas Summer School”.

Eleanor Rogerson, Director, Civitas Schools

For Key Stage 1 we focus on drama. Shakespeare provides the stories and characters. We use all sorts of drama and story-telling techniques: from fun games, role play and improvisation to using props and music, puppets and masks.

Our workshops:

  • Build confidence in speaking and listening; we have found this to be particularly true of those children who are less demonstrative in the classroom.
  • develop understanding of story and character
  • explore different ways of telling stories using drama
  • introduce Shakespeare’s memorable characters and stories

For example ... we might take A Midsummer Night’s Dream as a theme. The pupils will listen carefully and use their imaginations as we tell a simplified version of the story using props, costumes and puppets. Following an Infinite Jest warm-up, perhaps we’ll all create a soundscape of the forest, using our voices and whatever noises we can make using our bodies. This is an opportunity to explore rhythms, repetition and tone. Next we might ask them individually to recreate one of the characters or perhaps an animal in the forest. “What are they thinking? What are they feeling? How do they move?” In partners they might explore how their characters interact with others. Then in groups they’ll recreate parts of the story or devise their own frozen pictures inspired by the original. Here, we can introduce Shakespearean character names and some of the original text. Finally, we’ll encourage each group to present their creations. This allows the pupils to engage with each other’s work and to speak about what they saw and liked. Every child is encouraged to contribute.

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  • Infinite Jest : 'Twelfth Night workshop'.