infinite jest

Key Stage 2

It was captivating from the outset! The session was engaging and stimulating. The children thoroughly enjoyed being involved. It built confidence for quieter children. 

Year 6 teacher, Rotherhithe Primary School, on our Twelfth Night workshop

We use all sorts of drama techniques like hot-seating, improvisation, flashbacks and role play to explore the stories, characters, language and themes.

Our workshops:

  • build confidence
  • develop pupils’ understanding of different ways of story telling
  • develop understanding that the text is a script that is brought to life through performance
  • stretch the pupils’ capacity to understand and empathise
  • nurture their speaking and listening skills

For example ...The Tempest offers a wonderful opportunity to explore a magical world and extraordinary characters. Following an Infinite Jest warm-up, we’ll tell a simplified version of the story using props, costume and puppets. Perhaps we'll be inspired to recreate the storm by improvising a soundscape of noises and text from the play? Then the pupils will individually explore some of the characters. “What is their status? How might this be reflected in their body language? How do they communicate with others, verbally and non-verbally?” In partners, we’ll look at how those characters interact with each other. Drawing on their own experiences they’ll improvise imaginative scenes inspired by the story. Group work might involve creating snapshots from scenes in the play. This is an excellent opportunity to introduce lines from the play for the pupils to present. We can bring to life some of the frozen characters through hot-seating or interview. The pupils are thereby encouraged to empathise with the characters and actively imagine how they think, feel and speak. They’ll be asked to feedback and discuss their own and each other’s performance.

  • Infinite Jest : 'Twelfth Night workshop'.
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  • Infinite Jest Image