infinite jest

Creative Creatures - Leyton

An Infinite Jest Art & Design week

... with resident artist, Alice Humphreys. 

Ever wondered who designs our fabulous posters? Well this is your chance to meet the amazing, Alice, learn about her techniques and what inspires her. She'll teach us to create wonderful wacky creatures.

And the Infinite Jest team will, with the help of some brilliant young creatives, devise a show for family and friends to be wowed by at the end of the week. 

As well as learning new artistic skills we'll be acting - devising - learning theatre techniques - singing - dancing - puppeteering - crafting - doing mindfulness - and so much more

  • boosing confidence
  • expanding imaginations
  • inspiring creativity
  • developing communications skills
  • making new friends


The Team

This wonderful week will be run by Katie Dorman, Clara Vior, and Henry Everett. Find out more about them HERE

You find the most angelic people to run your groups! They are heaven sent! A happy mum. 

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