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Leyton - Food, Glorious, Food!


Jonathan "JB" Brenner will be running the week alongside Clara Vior and Katie Dorman. Find out more about them HERE



We start the week armed with nothing but our imaginations and our subject - FOOD! We end the week telling a story to our family and friends. 

In between, our amazing performing arts professionals will inspire your young creatives with their passion for story telling, teaching them some life long story telling skills and theatre techniques. 

We'll let our imaginations travel the world in search of extraordinary ingredients and mouth-watering recipes, we'll delve into our love/hate relationship with food, how we make it, how we serve it, how we use it, what our obsession does for our planet - and so much more - who knows where we'll go - wherever our imaginations go we'll go. 

And, guaranteed!!, EVERYONE by the end of the week will be feeling more inspired, more excited, more imaginative, more confident. 


Acting - improvisation - theatre skills - story telling - song - dance - mime - puppetry - slapstick - team work - crafting - mindfulness - and so much more!