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Camp and Covid

Camps will be run in accordance with government guidance and best practices, which will include:

  • Strictly limited to 15 children per week
  • Preferably just one adult and no siblings when dropping off and picking up. Drop off from 9.30; pick up from 3.15pm. 
  • Socially distanced activities and small groups wherever possible
  • We'll ensure the hall is well ventilated and we'll use the outdoor space as often as possible for activities and breaks
  • We'll use the main entrance to come into the hall and the fire exit to leave
  • Hand sanitisers on entrance and throughout the day as well as regularly washing hands
  • The hall and touch points, including any materials we use, will be cleaned either after use or at the end of each day. The toilets and sink will be cleaned regularly throughout the day
  • Crafting materials will be sanitised regularly
  • We will avoid cross contamination of crafting tools etc by providing individually labelled containers for each child which will contain their crafting essentials - pens, scissors, glue etc
  • Laura and Ekow have been strictly adhering to the government's advice regarding social distancing for the entirety of lockdown
  • Both are DBS checked and have 1st aid training
  • If your child is displaying symptoms please let us know immediately and keep them away from camp until they are negatively tested
  • Children to wear a cleaned or different set of clothes each day
  • Prioritising full week camp bookings to decrease the turnover of children in a week
  • Workshop leaders to socially distance from all children and each other
  • A common- sense approach taken for children to socially distance 
  • Dedicated isolation room in case an individual presents symptom’s whilst at camp
  • Children to bring nut-free packed lunches, and snacks, preferably in plastic bags as opposed to lunch boxes. There will be no sharing of food. We would normally provide a few snacks and squash in case they get peckish; we won't be doing that this year, so make sure they have enough!
  • Children to bring own labelled water bottle
  • Please apply high factor sun cream before the start of the day

Guidelines and best practices to be updated and reviewed regularly in line with government and governing bodies. Risk assessments shall be reviewed in accordance with guidelines at the time of the activity taking place. The above lists represent many of the protocols that we have implemented but additional measures may be added or removed in line with government advice. These measures will be strictly adhered to and families must cooperate as we adapt. We strongly believe that these measures will keep all children, workshop leaders and parents safe during this pandemic, however we are unable to guarantee that all risks have been eliminated.

If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch with Henry or Laura at

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