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Hello, my name is Ekow Quartey. My Theatre credits include MACBETH (Shakespeare’s Globe) A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (Shakespeare's Globe), BARBER SHOP CHRONICLES (USA Tour/National Theatre), AMADEUS (National Theatre), PEOPLE, PLACES & THINGS (National Theatre/Headlong/Exeter Northcott), PETER PAN (National Theatre), AS YOU LIKE IT (National Theatre), RICHARD II (Shakespeare's Globe), THE ABSENCE OF WAR (Headlong/UK Tour), SPRING AWAKENING (Headlong/West Yorkshire Playhouse/UK Tour)
TV credits includes a recurring role in THIS WAY UP, a new Channel 4 series by Aisling Bea & Sharon Horgan, CALL THE MIDWIFE (BBC1) and ENTERPRICE (BBC3).
I was in HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN when I was a lot younger. 

I love working with young people; whether it's performing for them or sharing my acting passions with them and helping them express their creativity. 

My favourite dance move has to be the electric slide, it’s simple, you can use it with any song. (But also a secret moonwalk lover)

JOKE: What does a snail riding a tortoise say? SLOOOOOW DOOOOOOOOOOWN! 

My favourite drama game is called ‘Chowee’. You close your eyes, walk around (CAREFULLY) and try and find everyone else in the space, by calling out chowee. You don’t want to be the last one calling out ‘Chowee’


Laura: I'm a stand-up comedian, performer and writer. My first solo show, Running on Air, won a fringe first at the Edinburgh Festival and was featured on the Culture Show. Last year I wrote and performed Bookish, a selection of five mini shows, each inspired by a different book, which I toured to theatres and libraries throughout the UK. I am the Associate Artist at The Harrogate Theatre and of the museum of Archeology and Athropology in Cambridge. 

Throughout lockdown I have become a master of ZOOM!!! And have, along with the brilliant Nathan and amazing Henry, been delivering fantastic online drama sessions. We've had children all over the world join us as we've created crazy, wacky, wonderful, silly, storylines with some fabulous imaginative creative kids!

My favourite dance is the funky chicken: nobody looks cool while they're doing it

Joke: What did the monkeys say to each other when they won the Olympics? WE ARE THE CHIMPIONS!

My favourite drama game is Bibbity Bibbity Bop! 

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