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Thanks to Hollydale Primary School for having us

Posted : October 17, 2014

A fun afternoon spent at Hollydale Primary School, Nunhead. Introducing year six to the delights of Twelfth Night. 

A lovely afternoon at Ivydale, Nunhead

Posted : October 10, 2014

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Fi and I were at Ivydale School in Nunhead this afternoon, workshopping Twelfth Night with the Year 6es. We had a lot of fun. The Fool and Antonio went down very well indeed!!

Looking forward to some Nunhead school workshops

Posted : October 6, 2014

Getting prepared for some workshops at Ivydale and Hollydale Schools in Nunhead in the next couple of weeks. @IvydaleSchool @HollydaleSchool

Reviews for Twelfth Night

Posted : October 1, 2014

"I liked the play because I thought it was EXTREMELY FUNNY!  And I would give this a 10 out of 10.  The story was all about love."  Stella, aged 6.

"I would recommend this to people who like a good laugh.  The songs are BRILLIANT!"  Mingus, aged 8.

"12th night was a funny and entertaining show and an extremely accessible introduction to Shakespeare for children (and adults alike).  The clever plotting and characters of Shakespeare's original aren't sacrificed; the acting is very good, the puppetry and songs a welcome addition."  Gerald, Secondary Teacher