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Half term drama camp - a review

Posted : November 14, 2017

What a week!! You may think I would say that since I run Infinite Jest! And I was in the show at the end of the week, turning on the dry ice and playing the witches' song! BUT....watching young people get creative never ceases to amaze me. Our little troupe, aged from 4 to 12, put on a spectacular showing inspired by Shakespeare's Macbeth. 

Nathan introduced the invited guests to some of the games we played in the week, and one or two tongue twisters and then the show began. In the mist the actors creeped and crawled about the stage and created a castle, then segued into a lovely movement piece, out of which the witches came. The characters of the play came to life and I truly was astounded at how much the children had learned. Really energised, committed, detailed performances. Along with some very funny jokes from the really small ones! We had a stage combat guy come in during the week so the final fight scene was very dramatic. 

A twenty five minute show created in a week, set against a back drop created by all the children (castle, flying witches, spiders on webs, a battle field, a bubbling cauldron) who were wearing their own designed T shirts. A lot of hard work; a lot of fun; a lot of learning; new friends made; and some very proud mums, dads, siblings, grandparents, and friends! 

Until the next time....