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A Midsummer Night's Dream - review

Posted : May 5, 2018

The story telling was clear and an appropriate amount of editing had been done to make it accessible to the children... The use of puppets aided the children well and made it very child friendly. The music was great... One of the Year 2 children said afterwards, ‘I had a little cry when they sang the song because I was so moved.’ The links to modern day were used appropriately to gain understanding from the children rather than a cheap laugh...

The children loved it! All teachers talked with their classes after the performance and they were able to talk about the tangled web and the use of magic. The younger ones particularly enjoyed all the uses of magic. 

You always provide an accessible but not patronising introduction to Shakespeare which the children talk about for a long time after watching. Without doubt the best theatre company I have seen at getting the best out of Shakespeare for children. Verity Griffin, Angel Oak Academy

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