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Buzzing response to our May 1/2 term drama camp...

Posted : June 10, 2019

May half term drama camp at JW3, Finchley Road - SUPER HEROES & VILLAINS

Tuesday 28th - Stage combat with Jess Ramsey - slap, punch, stage fall, hair pull, kick in the stomach, eye gouge.....!!!!

" was SO fun!!"

Wednesday 29th - Beat boxing with Andi Jashy - Boootssss, Tsssssss, Catssssssss, Bearrrrrrrr, stomp, clap, click....!!!!

"...I loved beat boxing with Andi....beat boxing is one of the favourite things I've done at JW3...."

Thursday 30th - Mask with Fiona Putnam - physical story telling, provoking the mask, devising....!!

"I loved acting behind the mask..."

Friday 31st - Stand up comedy with Laura Mugridge - what makes us laugh, what makes me funny, joke telling, physical comedy...!!

"I enjoyed.....everything...."

As well as all the above, we created our own super heroes/villains, made masks and capes, drew cartoon super hero and villain stories

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