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Feedback from our online Easter camp

Posted : April 22, 2020

High praise indeed! What fantastic fun we had delivering our first online workshops last week. Clowning, magic, and puppetry, lots of fun and games, one or two bent spoons, some very happy children and some rested parents!!!

Here's what they said: 

Well, that was more than a bit fabulous! Amazing to engage kids through a screen to that extent. Hats off to Nathan. I may kidnap him as household entertainment for the duration of lockdown.

"Just to say a big thank-you to yourself and Nathan for the classes this week. My boy gave them ‘a million out of ten’ and they really made his lockdown holiday feel like a holiday."

Absolutely incredible that they stayed engaged for a whole hour! Great work Henry!

"Thanks again for laying on a brilliantly age-appropriate hour of much-needed distraction."

"Thank you so much for the fantastic Easter camp. The girls loved it! In fact we love everything you do! We've been fans since we first saw Infinite Jest perform Much Ado in a tent on Nunhead Green. The girls were toddlers then.  It was amazing! Please big up Nathan and Laura from us, they were excellent hosts, and are so much fun."

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