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Mission to Mars!

Posted : September 24, 2020

Praise for our recent Mission to Mars! drama camp in Nunhead: 

"Much praise for Ekow and Laura who were patient, fun and incredibly motivational. They managed to get a whole bunch of tired looking parents on a Friday afternoon to jump around to pop music. Impressive!"

"1. What did you and your child like about IJ's Mission to Mars? 

Seeing Laura and Ekow face to face. It was wonderful for the kids to be able to participate in drama camp in person. They were really excited every day and absolutely loved it - they liked the other kids, loved Laura and Ekow, loved the activities and games and general silliness. I was so happy that they had that extended time to be creative and do things we don't necessarily do at home. I have always thought that Infinite Jest has helped them both to be more confident and to feel strong in their own skin. And of course, it was nice for us to have some time in the house without the kids there (ssshhh)!

2. What did you think of Laura and Ekow? 

THEY ARE COMPLETELY WONDERFUL. We adore them. They are hilarious, talented, fun, and really helped the kids to feel comfortable and relaxed from the very beginning. We all truly love them.

3. Suggestions for improvements? Activities, timings, communication, venue etc 

None....? Sorry, I realize that is not very helpful..... but you don't need to change a thing."

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