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Jestivities Season

Back by popular demand....!!

On ZOOM every Saturday from 10-11am from 14th November...

Infinite Jest's team of interactive creative learning specialists are back by popular demand for lockdown and - who knows?? - beyond...

Join Nathan Bojangles, Laura Le Duvet, Sir Ekow Sleepsalot, and Henry the Hibernator every Saturday morning at 10am for an hour of drama fun and games, story telling, wacky characters, creative challenges, crafting, theatre skills learning, song, dance, mindfulness.....and so much more besides. 

Child-led creativity inspired by the changing seasons, festivals and celebrations around the world, family, the natural world

One of the many things I love about your sessions is how you make each and every child feel so valued and special. They are all allowed to shine, like little stars!

  • Inspiring creativity
  • Expanding imaginations
  • Boosting confidence


More information and to book a place go to: HOME THEATRE CLUB

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