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Happy New Year - Leyton

Happy New Year!!!

Mums and dads, put your feet up, enjoy a well-earned rest while we exhaust your children with:

  • acting, devising, improvisation, drama fun and games, crafting, mindfulness
  • workshops in puppetry, mask, slap-stick, stand up comedy
  • to top it all, the bestest (post) New Year's party ever!!!

Tuesday 2nd January - How does the rest of the world celebrate? We recreate some of the wild, crazy, wacky, amusing, silly, wonderful customs we'll discover on our journey around the globe. 

Specialist skill - MASK

Wednesday 3rd January - New beginnings. Setting our new year's resolutions. Giving each other funny creative challenges. 

Specialist skill - SLAP-STICK

Thursday 4th January - Remind me...why do we celebrate the new year? What is a new year? We journey out into the Universe for some answers. 

Specialist skill - PUPPETRY

Friday 5th January - Kick the year off with a smile. Stand up comedy masterclass - overseen by Infinite Jesters, and stand-up comedians in their own right, Laura Mugridge and Carwyn Blayney. And we'll end the day with a massive PARTY, organised by our brilliant young creatives - you're all invited!!!!!!

Specialist skill - STAND-UP COMEDY

  • boosing confidence
  • expanding imaginations
  • inspiring creativity
  • developing communications skills
  • making new friends


The team

Katie Dorman and Hannah Moss will be your amazing, hilarious, creative, kindly, brilliant workshop leaders and will kick off the New Year in their! 

They'll be joined by Peter Gardiner (Tues, Weds, Friday) and Holly Kavanagh (Thursday)

Read more about them HERE



Cornerstone Church Hall, 149 Canterbury Road, Leyton, E10 6EH

9.30-3.30pm (wrap around from 8.30am-5.30pm)