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Leyton - Superheroes


An Infinite Jest SKILLS WEEK where we will learn a new skill every day from a special guest. 

Monday 7th August - Song writing with Steve McCourt

Tuesday 8th August - Beat boxing with Danny Ladwa

Wednesday 9th August - Capoeira with Carlos Couto

Thursday 10th August - Stage combat with Rajesh Rishudeo at Independent Drama

Friday 11th August - Cartoon drawing with Morgan Davy

As well as learning new performance/creative skills we'll be acting - devising - learning theatre techniques - crafting - doing mindfulness - and so much more

  • boosing confidence
  • expanding imaginations
  • inspiring creativity
  • developing communications skills
  • making new friends



Cornerstone Church Hall, 149 Canterbury Road, Leyton, E10 6EH


What to bring and wear?

Food and drink

You provide a NUT FREE lunch and enough for two snacks and a labelled water bottle. If your child is doing wraparound, please ensure they have enough snacks

We have access to a fridge and will of course fill up water bottles. We don't have any snacks, or juices etc, on us. And we don't allow any food sharing between children. 


The children will be moving about, doing some drawing and crafting (using felt tips, pritt stick, possibly a little paint), going outside - please dress them accordingly



We have such a lovely team in place - alongside our amazing VIP specialists!: 

Katie Dorman; Hannah Moss; and Dumile Sibanda

Read about them HERE

All have enhanced DBSes and Katie is paediatric first aid trained. 


Show time!

There will be a sharing of our new found skills at around 2.45pm on the Friday (the workshop leader will let you know exact times during the week). Family and friends all welcome!

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