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Super Heroes

The team, Henry, Laura and Nathan, have always dreamed of being super heroes. It's not just the tights and the adulation. Well, maybe it is. But there's probably a lot more to it than that. And next week is their chance to find out what makes a super hero tick, what does a typical day in their life look like, can anyone be a super hero, what's the pay, and if they could be anything else what would it be? Things like that, and oh so much more. 

They have gained exclusive admittance into the super hero world where they'll meet Sue the Gardener, aka Electrika; Ian the Jogger, aka Knit boy; and Geoffrey the Lawyer, aka Petal Man. The trio are calling out for help against their arch nemesis, Distractacon, whose side tracking powers have been causing havoc the world over. 

This is an open invitation to 5-11 year old super heroes to join the team. No experience required; just a super imagination and the courage to step into the unknown. 

We'd love you to come for the week - there is a themed through line - however these are stand alone sessions, so drop in for how many you like

  • drama fun and games
  • story telling
  • physical theatre and puppetry
  • problem solving
  • drawing and crafting
  • super hero creating....and so much more

INTERACTIVE CREATIVE LEARNING that's seriously good fun!!

For information about costs, timings and technicals go to the HOME THEATRE CLUB page

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