infinite jest

Wacky Races

20th - 23rd July

Join Gasolina, Eddy Quick and Justin Time for one of the silliest, craziest, hysterical rides you're ever likely to go on!! A race around the world in the fastest time possible in a contraption of your own design and making. What could possibly go wrong?! There'll be pitfalls, obstacles, challenges a plenty to creatively overcome, not to mention everyone's arch enemy, Nick Nastily. 

We'd love you to come for the week - there is a themed through line - however these are stand alone sessions, so drop in for how many you like

  • drama fun and games
  • story telling
  • physical theatre and puppetry
  • problem solving 
  • creating characters
  • drawing and crafting
  • designing and building your own wacky races vehicle!
  • ....and so much more!

Interactive creative learning that's SERIOUSLY GOOD FUN!!

For details on costs, technical requirements and how to register go to the HOME THEATRE CLUB homepage

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