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Wild Wild West

Sheriff Dogberry and his deputies, Lil Lucy Woodchuck and Sam Deadwood, are gathering a posse to finally bring to justice the notorious Rattlesnake Gang who have been bringing misery to their cute lil town of Two Clowns. 

The gang of outlaws, Straight-shooter Bob, Babs Magraw, Jebediah Dooley, and others, are wanted in every State for a spate of bank and train robberies, rustling, cussing, horse spooking and other crimes and misdemeanors too appalling to mention. 

We'll meet the legends of the Wild West, learn what life was like, join the gold rush, meet many of the characters who populate Two Clowns and more besides

We'd love you to come for the week - there is a themed through line - however these are stand alone sessions, so drop in for how many you like

  • drama game playing
  • theatre skills learning 
  • creating characters
  • song and dance
  • story telling...and so much  more!

INTERACTIVE CREATIVE LEARNING that's seriously good fun!!!


Go to the main "live" Home Theatre Club page for details on timings and how to register. 

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