infinite jest


“Very engaging, active and inclusive-they loved it"

Grant Perry, Teacher, Ivydale School

For GCSE level our workshops are geared towards arming the students with knowledge and confidence when it comes to coursework and exams. We use tried and tested drama techniques such as role-play, forum theatre, hot-seating and improvisation to engage the students with the text through performance. We also examine the social, historical and cultural context of his plays.

Our workshops:

  • can be tailored to whatever play, scenes, themes and characters you are studying
  • can focus on specific exam or coursework questions
  • can form a part of a piece of speaking and listening coursework
  • build confidence for exams and coursework
  • provide an invaluable opportunity for students to work with professional actors with experience of acting in Shakespeare’s play

For example... if your students are studying Romeo & Juliet we might begin by dramatising the opening scene. We’ll combine the students’ inventiveness with Shakespeare’s text. Confidence in speaking and understanding the language comes from making present day connections. For an in depth analysis of characters, themes and links within the play we can put some of the gang members, in character, on trial. The whole class is involved as judge, jury, counsel, witnesses and the accused. This generates lively debate about character objectives and motivation, morality, and action and consequences. Students are encouraged to support their ideas with quotations from the play. The trial is an excellent technique for analysing the language of soliloquies or specific scenes; acted out scenes or tableaux are presented as video or photographic evidence. The students leave the workshop having enjoyed performing Shakespeare in a unique way and will be better equipped to employ their critical skills in their written work.

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